Linda Bookout

I joined the SA Cancer Council in 2016 and became a board member in 2020. Volunteering is my way of honoring my family and friends that have battled cancer. The amazing women of the SA Cancer Council give their talents, time, and money to provide funding for research, patient care, and education in South Texas. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and my first resource was the Mays Cancer Center. My team of doctors was in place, and a forward strategy was established immediately. I am very grateful for their prompt response and action during such a stressful time.

Audrey Rogers

Our San Antonio community, like so many others, has a need for cancer patient assistance, support, and caregivers. SACC’s role in those areas is in the forefront. I decided to join SACC when I heard    about the many wonderful services that the Council was providing. I knew it was time to give back.    Being a member of the Council and hearing/reading other’s stories is one of the major benefits. I have been a member since January 2017. Being involved as much as I can to support the Council is very important to me.

Kathy Ripps

SA Cancer Council gives me pride in knowing that this organization touches so many lives. By nature I love giving back to the community and organizations. This heart felt organization has touched friends that I have lost and those who have survived. Cancer has no boundaries, no limits, and affects not only the patient, but so many others around them. I take pride in knowing SA Cancer Council supports the whole picture, from personal touches, finances, to research.

Rose Mary Fry

I’ve been a member for over 10 years. My Mom died of breast cancer when she was 61 years old. I support the SA Cancer Council because it provides funds for research and services to individuals dealing with cancer diagnoses. The Council makes the lives of people going through cancer treatment more bearable in terms of patient services. I also enjoy hearing from physicians and researchers about their work and the advances in the field.

Mary Hitt

I am a new member of the SA Cancer Council. I joined because, as a cancer survivor, I realized how lucky I am that my breast cancer was caught early so I did not have to have any extraordinary treatments. I believe early detection is the way that we will be able to defeat cancer. Research which the SA Cancer Council supports is how we will increase early detection. Other friends of mine have not been as fortunate and I want to do my part to enhance the chances of defeating cancer for all.

Jeanie Paradise

It is a pleasure to be a part of an organization that fully supports our cancer center. I have a number of family and friends who are currently battling, are survivors of, or who have lost their battle to cancer. I have worked with individuals with limited means, uninsured or under insured for the majority of my 25+ years as a licensed counselor and understand how barriers to care can impede treatment for all diseases and the importance in being involved in an organization such as the SA Cancer Council to support those who need it most.