About the SA Cancer Council

The SA Cancer Council is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that funds the fight against cancer. Over the past 30 years, we have donated more than $4.5 million to the patients and research of the Mays Cancer Center. Direct donations and our events involve hundreds of members throughout the greater San Antonio community. We provide financial support to patients in need and we fund clinical research to help eradicate cancer.
Serving the Immediate Needs of Patients

Cancer strikes physically and emotionally, and too often with devastating financial consequences. Every year, the Mays Cancer Center assists 3,500 patients with the medical treatment, nutrition, and social services they need.

To help ease that burden, we raise approximately $125,000 every spring through the Patient Assistance Fund. The Mays Cancer Center uses those funds to provide patient transportation, food, nutritional supplements, counseling, and more.

Council volunteers also work with patients directly. Among other things, they provide companionship, identify support resources, and assemble clinical trial kits.

With your support, we can assist even more patients in need.

Serving the Future through Research

Research not only is the gateway to improving cancer treatments, it might help prevent cancer altogether.

The SA Cancer Council raises approximately $150,000 a year for critical research, including pilot studies. Pilot studies start the research process, and cost $25,000 each.

We have also funded a $1 million distinguished endowed oncology chair, as well $750,00 for the Breast Cancer Clinic’s Educational Suite.

With your support, even more can be accomplished.