A Patient’s Journey

Former SA Cancer Council member shares her personal story

SA Cancer CouncilShawne Zakaria is a member of the SA Cancer Council, former member of the Council’s Board of Trustees, and a breast cancer survivor who was treated at the Mays Cancer Center.

For a few years following her treatment, Shawne said, “I hesitated to participate in events and activities that might bring all of the painful memories to the surface. However, I couldn’t say no when the SA Cancer Council approached me about serving on their Board and the opportunity to support cancer research, patients, and their families.”

In 2005, Shawne was 40 years old and her daughter, Iman was only two years old. She was still breastfeeding her and noticed a scratch on her breast and a small, pea-sized lump. She didn’t think much of it and wasn’t even going to mention it to the doctor. When she did mention it, her doctor couldn’t even feel the lump- until she stood up and pointed it out again. Shawne had a mammogram and later a biopsy, and her surgeon didn’t expect anything. However, it was something- Stage II B, triple-negative breast cancer…
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